Major name: Drug Business and Management

Level: Junior college

Category of discipline: Food and drug management (Biochemicals and Pharmaceuticals)

Admission requirements: (1) A regular high school, vocational high school, technical school or secondary-professional school diploma. (2) Being already employed as a medical professional for admission to the Drug Business and Management major.

Objectives: This major aims to cultivate skills that meet the needs of the development of medicine in China, and develop students in an all-round way; teach them to be ethical and humane, give them the ability to promote safe and appropriate use of drugs for promoting health, and make them able to conduct drug operations, sales and management, as well as pharmaceutical consultations and services.

Time: 2 years full-time, 8 years part-time, with a minimum length of study of 2.5 years.

Forms of study: open education

Total class hours and credits: 1,404 class hours, 78 credits

Main courses: Pathology and Pathophysiology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Social Psychological Adaptation, Pharmacology, Medical Immunology and Microbiology, Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dispensing Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Management and Regulations, Pharmacotherapy, Pharmaceutical-commodity Marketing, and others.