An academic seminar about the construction of a curriculum system for the Computer Science and Technology of the OUC’s School of Engineering was held in Beijing on March 21, 2013.


At the beginning of 2013, Shenzhen RTVU and Shenzhen Foxconn Advanced Manufacturing Productivity Training Institute (hereinafter referred to as Foxconn IE Institute) agreed to start junior college courses for Foxconn employees.

Development of Open and Distance Education in 2012

In the past year, considerable progress has been made in open and distance education in China as well as in other countries.

From 14-15 March, 2013, the OUC organized a digital library application training course at Hebei RTVU, marking the beginning of the “Year of the Digital Library”. Over 100 attendees participated in the training, including teachers from Hebei RTVU, research directors and library technicians from prefecture- and city-level RTVUs.

The “General Knowledge Training for Preschool Teachers in Chongqing” televised course made its successful debut on Chongqing’s science and education channel on March 13.

Despite the heavy snow, on March 9, 2013 Harbin RTVU launched a “Lecture Room” for open learning at its 303 multi-media classroom.

The “Lecture Room” is designed to provide Harbin residents

A delegation including Dr. Wallace Pound, president of Florida Technical College, the college’s project manager in China, Dr. Shi Yuxun, and two others visited Shaanxi RTVU on March 14.

It’s never too late to learn. Yesterday, I was deeply touched by an 80-year-old grandpa named Zhou Zongji. He has enrolled in a diploma programme at Sichuan RTVU, majoring in administrative management. He is the oldest RTVU student in China.