How has community education in China developed over the past 30 years? Are the communities themselves satisfied with community education? What are people’s expectations for community education? How should community education develop in the future? 

Every teacher and every student is certainly familiar with the concept of learning assessment as a crucial part of course teaching and learning. It is said that learning assessment is the baton for conducting teaching and learning and it is also said that learning assessment is a measuring instrument to judge the effect of the teacher’s work as well as the results of the students’ learning.

The Chinese nation is one of the nations in the world that attaches the greatest importance to education. Ancient education in China can be traced back to very early times. Every kind and level of school was already regularized and institutionalized from the central government to the local authorities, and of these the highest educational institutions established in the capital city received the greatest attention. So what is the name of the highest education institution in ancient China?

I. Serving agriculture, rural development, and farmers is the top priority.

Hunan is a province with a large population mainly engaged in agriculture. Of its population numbering 67.372 million, 50.7% are farmers. As far as Hunan’s future is concerned, the focus is on rural development, the foundation is agriculture, and the key is farmers.

In 2012, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have sparked great interest worldwide as an irresistible development trend. Renowned national and international universities and educational institutions set out to study and develop MOOC platforms one after another. Cooperation was carried out in the development of courses and platforms, in the mutual accreditation of certificates, and in credit transfer, and achievements were shared. MOOCs have brought great changes to online education and even traditional education.

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