Industry and Corporate Colleges

Officially launched on 26 Nov. 2013, the OUC School of Automotive Engineering is a second-tier college of the university, jointly established by the China Automotive Maintenance and Repair Trades Association (CAMRA), the Automobile Culture Committee of the China Culture Promotion Association (CAAC), and Beijing Zhongdeheli Technology Training Centre (Zhongdeheli), with the latter taking the lead. The school operates as an independent college.

The OUC School of Mechanical Industry provides degree and non-degree continuing education to practitioners in these industries in cooperation with the Mechanical Industries Education-development Centre. It is an important part of the OUC, and was founded on 26 Nov. 2013.

On 22 March 2019, the Insurance School of the OUC was signed and officially established. The school was built through a collaboration between the OUC, the Insurance Society of China and Shenzhen Yongxingyuan Technology Co., LTD.(Longrise).