The Experimental College of the Open University of China (OUC) is the only educational entity directly affiliated with the OUC, and operates as a testing ground for educational and teaching reforms at the university. The College is now striving to reach global standards in terms of teaching reforms and network-based education. Through integration of degree and non-degree education via the Credit Bank, it delivers degree professional education and non-degree curriculum education, and provides flexible and high-quality lifelong-education services. There are eight departments in the College: the General Office, Teaching Experiment Centre, Teaching Management Centre, Academic Affairs Management Centre, System Construction and Education Cooperation Office, Enrollment and Student Affairs Centre, Weigongcun Study Centre, and Postgraduate and Non-degree Education Office.

The College is located in Weigongcun, a “smart campus” with convenient transportation, a multi-modal “smart space”, and efficient OMO education. Lectures are offered by discipline leaders, leaders in charge of majors, and well-known OUC professors, scholars and backbone teachers, part of the full-time faculty at the OUC headquarters, and high-quality teaching teams involved in higher education in Beijing, with tutors, management staff, and support-service teams allocated to the school. The College's operations include continuing academic higher education, both network-based and traditional, flexible single-course offerings, postgraduate education, and high-level non-academic training.

The College has been named an Advanced Grass-roots Party Organisation and Excellent Department of the OUC, among many other honours. It boasts numerous alumni with outstanding achievements from all walks of life across the country. Its teachers and students participated in the 6th and 7th China International Internet Plus College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competitions, securing gold, silver and bronze medals in the 7th competition, as well as 11 gold, 15 silver, and 13 bronze for the Beijing area in both events combined.

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