On 22 March 2019, the Insurance School of the OUC was signed and officially established. The school was built through a collaboration between the OUC, the Insurance Society of China and Shenzhen Yongxingyuan Technology Co., LTD.(Longrise).

The fundamental mission of the school is to cultivate students with moral character. Its aim is to explore a "dual-tutor" training model that combines work and study, and to build a new type of online university that leaves a full trace of the learning process, covers all industry institutions, mobilizes all insurance practitioners, and records the entire assessment process by establishing a bridge between degree and non-degree education.

The School of Insurance has been actively promoting innovative work in enrolment, teaching, and examination under the "fully online" teaching mode. It has explored convenient learning services supported by mobile devices and has basically integrated teaching, learning, evaluation, management, and service into one. The school has achieved a fully online teaching mode where students can enrol learn, and take exams at any time, and has created a model in which "anyone can learn anytime, and take exams anywhere."

Currently, the school has opened three specialized programmes in insurance, financial management, and marketing, as well as an undergraduate programme in finance. These programmes mainly enrol insurance industry practitioners.

In addition, the school integrates high-quality training resources from the insurance industry, introduces industry training and professional certificates, and promotes the integration and sharing of teaching resources between degree education and vocational training.

The school will implement various institutional requirements of the OUC and explore new models of industry-education integration. It will achieve a close combination of the integrity of professional knowledge in universities and practical training of industry capabilities. The school aims to build a fully online education and training platform with a focus on quality, learner-centric approach, and significant insurance industry attributes, integrating learning and management.