Issues in 2013


  • Lessons Learnt from New Zealand, a Pioneer in Establishing National Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning
  • Enhancing “ICT Teaching” in English Schools: Vital Lessons
  • Learning Outcomes Validation and Management Bodies for Lifelong Learning
  • Older Adults’ Distance Learning: A Survey Study on Older Adults in Shanghai
  • Factors Influencing Students’ Perceptions of Online Education Service Quality
  • Open University Education Paradigms: Implications from OUHK, City U, and CCRTVU
  • Research and Development Trend of Mini Courses: A Systematic Analysis
  • Mini Courses: Production and Application
  • OTT TV Application in Education in the Context of Three-network Convergence
  • The Construction and Operation of Urban Learning Network: A Case Study of Wenzhou
  • Abstract



  • European Qualifications Framework and Cross-Country Credit Recognition Systems 
  • The New Normal of Online, Blended and Distance Learning: The Massey University Experience
  • Formulating Learning Outcomes Framework for Chinese Learning Credit Banks From the Perspective of Qualifications Framework
  • New Developments in E-learning: Dual Innovations in Learning Cultures and Learning Paradigms 
  • Using Videos to Transform Students’ Learning Style
  • Factors influencing Learning Motivation of Distance Learners
  • Community Online Learning Behaviours: an Empirical Study of the Users of JS-Study Online
  • Computer-Assisted Chinese Proficiency Test: Strategies for Improvement
  • Building Mobile Learning Capacity in Higher Education: E-books and iPads®
  • On the Development of Open University Libraries
  • Design and Development of Training Videos for Kindergarten Teachers
  • Abstract
  • Seven Tasks for Building Lifelong Learning’s Lijiaoqiao: Informed by Hong Kong’s Experiences
  • Quality Assurance Guidelines for Open Educational Resources: TIPS Framework
  • Online Teaching Quality Evaluation Based on Cloud Model
  • Towards a Region-specific Lifelong Learning Evaluation Index System: the Case of Tianjin, China
  • Trends in Building Open Universities in China
  • Lessons Learnt from Legislation of Lifelong Learning outside China
  • A Survey of Adult Learners’ Mobile Learning
  • The Efficacy of Proactive Learning Support: A Case Study on Efforts to Retain Online Adult English Learners
  • A Study on Key Factors of Flipped Classroom Learning Model 
  • A Model of Practical Teaching for Advertisement Design Programs in Open and Distance Education: Construction and Implementation
  • Educational Technology Competency Training for Primary and Secondary School Teachers from the Perspective of Educational Ecology
  • A Tentative Analysis of Course Team Mechanism in Developing Distance Learning Courses
  • A Survey of Online Open Courses: Use and Demands among University Students
  • Using Call Center Technologies to Build a Learning Support Platform
  • Evaluating Ubiquitous Learning Environments from the Perspective of Meaningful Learning
  • Abstract

  • Establishing Lifelong Learning Qualifications Framework: International Development and Comparative Analysis
  • Mobile Learning in Higher Education: Moving towards a Framework for Efficacy and Sustainability
  • Interaction in Distance Education in China: Research Review
  • A Review of Learning Modes with Changing Information Acquisition Channels
  • Application of Cloud Model Theory in Online Courses Satisfaction Survey
  • Use of Hypermedia Annotation Technology to Improve English Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Acquisition: Experimental Verification of Mayer’s Spatial Contiguity Principle in Multimedia Information Design
  • Characteristics of Disabled Learners in Distance Education
  • Good Blog-based Informal Learners: A Case Study
  • Course-specific BBS Interaction of Students from Different Colleges
  • Key Factors Analysis of a Course Delivery Team in the Virtual Environment
  • Teacher-teacher Interaction at State Benchmark Course Websites
  • Collaborative Learning Platform for College Virtual Project Teams in Ubiquitous Network Environment
  • Virtual Experiment and Real Life Experiment: A Comparative Study of the Course Network Foundation and Application
  • Online Courses in Western Regions: Instructional Design and Development 
  • Strategies for Designing Mobile Learning Resources Informed by Cognitive Load Theory
  • Abstract

  • The Core of Lifelong Learning: Connotations, Evolution and Standards of Information Literacy
  • A Review of Online Learning Literature in China and Its Implications
  • Mobile Learning: Practice, Development and Implications for China — An interview with Martin Smith
  • A Study of the Development Model of OpenLearn, UKOU
  • Open Schooling at the Commonwealth of Learning: Achievements and Reflections
  • A Survey on the State Benchmarked Course Program at Its 10th Anniversary
  • A Study on the Operation Mechanism of Course-Specific Teaching Teams in Distance Education
  • Statistical Analysis and Data Mining of Dropout Rate in Distance Education in China: A Case Study of Southwest Jiaotong University Network Education Institute
  • Developing a Framework for Fostering Open University Students’ Capabilities
  • Research on Factors Impacting on the Use of Sakai Platform
  • Constructing a Public Service Platform to Meet the Army’s Demand for Lifelong Learning
  • Towards a Design Framework for Mobile Learning System
  • 3D Printing and Its Use in Education
  • Abstract


  • Overcoming the “Distance Education Deficit” through Proactive Motivational Support Developing Excellence in Personalised Integrated Learning Support
  • Learning Credit Bank from the Perspective of Content Analysis: Research Review
  • The Agreement between Content Design and Learning Objectives Design in Online Courses: A Case Study of C Programming in Three Online Institutions
  • Individualized Learning Supported by Instructional Videos in the Networked Era
  • From Virtual Learning Communities to Micro Blogs: An Interaction Perspective 
  • Instructional Strategies in Open Universities: A Perspective from the Local Study Centers
  • Formative Assessment Marking from an Asynchronous Instruction Perspective: Quality Issues
  • Pre-Service Teacher Training Using Video Annotation Technology
  • Instructional Design Skills Development for Pre-Service English Teachers from an Ecological Teaching Perspective
  • Open Source Learning Management System Based on Cloud Service Structure
  • Application of Concept Map Theory in Mobile Learning
  • Chinese Language Learning Resources in Digital Publishing
  • Abstract
  • Quality Assurance of E-learning in the Bologna Process and its Implications
  • A Study on the Institutional System of the Open University of China: Its Construction Features and Content Framework
  • The Radio and Television Universities System in the New Era: Reflection and Reconstruction
  • Three Generations of Distance Education Pedagogy
  • A Study on the Assessment of Adult Online Academic Emotions
  • A Survey of Online Higher Education Graduates’ Learning Needs
  • Improving Mobile Reading from the Perspective of Cognitive Load
  • Towards an Integrative Instructional Model for Online Courses
  • Enhancing the Creativity of Teaching Teams for Distance Education Courses from the Perspective of Complex System Theories
  • Designing Distance Education Curriculum for the Disabled from the Perspective of Learner Characteristics
  • Designing a Repository of Quality Online Teaching Resources for Higher Vocational Education Institutions
  • An Empirical Analysis of the Components of Personalized Learning Environments for University Students
  • Distance Computer-adaptive Testing of Reading Proficiency in HSK
  • Studio Interactive Video Technology and its Application in Distance Education
  • Abstract


  • Learning Credit Bank Research and Practice in China
  • Learning Credit Accumulation in Lifelong Learning 
  • Schooling System of the Open University of China with the Guidance of Self-organizing Theory 
  • Quality Framework of Student Administration in Open and Distance Education 
  • Triangular Quality Assurance Model of Open and Distance Education in the UK  
  • Community Education Abroad and its Implications for China
  • Social Presence Effectiveness for Learning
  • Online Learning Behaviour of College Students: an Empirical Study
  • Blended Learning: Research and Practice
  • Preschool Education Program: an Experimental Practice in Teaching Mode
  • Teachers’ Collaborative Learning Supported by Social Software
  • SMAP: a Dynamic Learning Recommendation Tool Based on Felder-Silverman Learning Style
  • Multimedia Instructional Environment Design Based on Augmented Reality
  • Abstract
  • Digitization, Standardization, Specialization, and Branding: Development Mode of Guangzhou E-Learning Hub
  • Regional Online Community for Teacher Professional Development: Transformation of Distance Training Model for Primary and Secondary School Teachers in Guangzhou
  • E-Learning and the Effectiveness of Labor Union: A Case Study of Guangzhou General Labor Union
  • From dLearning to mLearning: Changes in the Research Scenario in China
  • Connecting Different Types of Education from the Perspective of Open Education: Practice and Research
  • What Can China’s Open University System Learn from American Multi-campus Universities?
  • Ten Suggestions for Improving Academic Research in Education and Technology
  • Curriculum Planning and Teaching Mechanism for Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Reforming the Instruction Model for General Education Courses: A Case Study of Taizhou Radio & Television University
  • An Applied Research on Workflow Technology in Online Courseware Development Management System: A Case of Dongbei University of Finance & Economics Online Education Institute
  • Task-driven Learning Quality Assurance Mechanism: Exploring Open University Model and Mechanism for Effective Learning
  • Towards a Blended Learning Model Based on Deep Learning Theory: Practice and Research
  • Researching a Mobile Learning Framework from the Perspective of Lifelong Learning Theory
  • Teachers’ Expected Roles and Actual Behaviors in Distance English Learning: Perspectives from Teachers and Learners
  • A Study on the Roles and Effectiveness of Facilitators’ Support in a Blended Mode of School-based Teacher Professional Development
  • Abstract


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