• Internationalization of the Open University of China and its Strategic Roadmap
  • Historical Responsiblities of Open Universities
  • Strive to be the First-class Teaching University: The Ambitious Target and Innovative Practice of University of Maryland University College
  • A Comparative Study on Distance Education Research Development and Current Focus in China and the USA: From A Research Journal Perspective
  • A Study of Successful Distance English Learners' Learning Strategies
  • Supporting Creativity in Teaching and Learning of History Through Small-group Production of Mobile, Location-based Games
  • Current Practice and Reform Ideas of Accounting for Non-Accounting Majors: An Investigation from Zhejiang Radio and TV University
  • Academic Quality Training for Students: the Case of Graduation Practical Project in Xi'an Radio and TV University
  • State Benchmark Courses for Information Management: Status Quo and Suggestions
  • Education Opportunities for Special Groups: A Case Study in a Prison
  • Use of SMS in Open Education Online Platform
  • Instructional Design Based on a Visual Tool Called VisualEyes
  • Designing Online Courses in a Cloud Computing Environment: the Case of Modern Education Technology