• Development Trends of E-learning in Higher Education Institutions and Continuing Education in Other Sectors
  • Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process in Educational Evaluation of Electronic Games with Intrapersonal Intelligence Games as an Example
  • Return On Investment Model of E-Learning in High Education
  • Case-based Reasoning: New Research Method of Intelligent Tutoring System
  • Subject-specific Research and University Ethos
  • Reflective Learning Strategies of Distance Learners
  • Social Network Analysis of Online Instructional Research Forum
  • Cultivating Distance Learners' Capacity for Self-regulated Learning: Approach and Content
  • School-based Research and Training in the ICT Era
  • Promoting In-service Teachers' Effective Learning in the Networked Environment
  • The Status Quo of Full Time Teachers in Inner Mengolia Open University
  • Integration of Distance Learning Resources for Rural Party Cadres: the Case of Henan Telecom
  • On the effectiveness of Use of ICT in Teaching
  • Evaluation Model of CMIS Based on Rough Set
  • Study on CSCL Behavior Model Based on Ontology
  • Promoting Internet-based Higher Education: The Case of the Swedish Net University