• Virtual Interaction and Learning From the Perspective of Immersion Theory: Developing Adult Learners' Learning Memory
  • Semantic Web, Course Domain Knowledge and Educational Resource Websites: From Course Resources to Course Resource Websites
  • Interpreting Learning Concepts
  • On the Nature and Underlying Theories of Online Learning Activities
  • Approaches to Distance Learning Strategy Training
  • Design of Kiekpatrick-based Evaluation of Online Distance Learning Performance
  • Modern Distance Education: Digital Gap or Digital Opportunity?
  • From Two-Term Academic Year to Four-Term Academic Year: A Case Study of An Online Education Institution in China
  • A Study on E-Learning Resource Cataloging and Coding Strategy
  • Education Informationization: Disparity between Rural and Urban Areas in Shandong Province
  • Accommodation and Balance: An Ecological Perspective on Integrating IT into Courses
  • Information Technology for Learning, Education and Training-Quality Management, Assurance and Metrics: A Case Study of a Learning Management Platform
  • American Community Colleges: A Right Way for Community Higher Education in Chinese Context?