• The Affordances of Distance Education for Mass Learning in China: A Cultural Perspective
  • Reengineering the Radio and Television Universities Network
  • On the Motivation Mechanism for Promoting the Development of Radio and Television Universities in China
  • The Delivery of Distance Courses and the Development of Learning Autonomy
  • The Nature and Components of Online Learning Ability
  • Exploring the Institutional Culture of Chinese Radio and Television Universities: Inspiration from Customer Relationship Management
  • Student Dropout Rate in Online Education: Case Statistics
  • The Modern Distance Education Project for Rurual Primary and Secondary Schools and Its Impact on the Rural Economy and Social Development in West China
  • An Investigation into the Effectiveness of Educational Technology Literacy Training: A Case Study of Primary and Secondary School Teachers in Shenzhen
  • Research on a Distance Education Intelligent Recommendation System Based on Learners' Navigation Clustering
  • Application of EM Algorithm in Cluster Analysis for Mobile Learners
  • A New Route to Teacher Education in the Network Era: Implications from Teachers College in the Western Governors University in the U.S.