• Construction of Service Culture and Implementation of ODE Capacity Building
  • Mission Orientation and System Building of Radio and Televison Universities
  • Technology and Distance Education-On the Limitations of Three-Generation Distance Education Theories
  • Design and Analysis of Learning Difficulty Index of Distance Learners
  • Development of a Distance Learner Satisfaction Index, RTVU-CSI
  • One-to-One Tutorial in Distance English Language Instruction
  • Performance-based Online Teacher Development
  • Investigation and Analysis of Undergraduates' Use of Online Learning Resources
  • Case Study of Strategies for Training Teachers' IT Skills
  • The Three-dimension Quality Management for Distance Training: an Experiment
  • Interrelationship between Motivation, Satisfaction and Online Behavior: A Case Study of the State Benchmark Course Platform Moodle 1.8 in Hebei University
  • Educational Application of Social Annotation in the Internet Environment
  • A Review of Distance Higher Education in France