Introduction to the College

The Open University of China (OUC) is a novel higher education institution under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education of China (MOE).

Dedicated to promoting lifelong learning for everyone, it offers open education nationwide. The university is bolstered by modern information technology and distinguished by its “Internet Plus” approach. Under the MOE's leadership, the OUC orchestrates the development of the national open education system, which spans urban and rural areas, collaborating with government institutions, industries, enterprises, communities, and more. Utilizing technologies like satellite, television, and the internet, its focus is on building a public service platform for lifelong learning. The university provides lifelong education and services to all, embodying the ethos of “anyone can learn anywhere and anytime”.

The OUC Rural Revitalisation College (Key Counties to Receive Assistance) was officially established in 2021. It is committed to supporting the national strategy of rural revitalisation and to implementing the directives of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Consolidating and Building on the Achievements of Poverty Alleviation for Rural Revitalisation. Additionally, it adheres to the Opinions of the Ministry of Education and Four Other Departments on Consolidating and Enhancing the Achievements of Poverty Alleviation in Education for Rural Revitalisation.

The OUC Rural Revitalisation College (Key Counties to Receive Assistance) fully utilizes the OUC's "Internet+" education advantages, closely aligning with the talent development needs of 160 key counties designated for assistance in rural revitalisation. Supported by majors relevant to rural economic development, as well as the development needs of rural teachers and cadres, the college offers on-the-job, locally accessible, practical, and applicable degree and non-degree continuing education for rural talent.

Our Mission

  • Standardize operation and strive for excellence creation and quality improvement to gain extensive national and international recognition for the quality of open education.
  • Contribute to rural revitalisation by focusing on talent development to nurture passionate and competitive rural technical and managerial professionals.
  • Contribute to the high-quality development and progress of continuing education.