The OUC School of Rural Revitalisation (Binzhou) (hereinafter referred to as the School) was established by the Open University of China (OUC) and officially founded on 13 September 2021 in Binzhou City of Shandong Province.

The School is located at Bohai Advanced Technology Research Institute in Binzhou City.

The School is based in Shandong Province, providing education to neighbouring provinces and cities in the five major fields of agriculture, chemical engineering, materials, home textiles, and breeding industry. The School aims to connect and integrate degree and non-degree education for rural revitalisation talents, and at the same time, carry out innovation and entrepreneurship education by working with local industries to promote project incubation and cultivate high-end talents that are in short supply, serving local economic and social development. The School is equipped with complete facilities with reasonably arranged functional divisions.

The School has a strong teaching team. It is aims to realise the deep integration of industry and education and close cooperation between the School and enterprises, as well as the integration of high-quality teaching resources related to rural revitalisation within and outside the province. By adhering to the training philosophy of “practicality, usefulness and efficiency”, following the educational principle of “comprehensible, learnable and usable”, and focusing on core disciplines, the School is positioned to promote the development of disciplines and the construction of quality at each teaching step. With the support of the Credit Bank, it also aims to build a “bridge” for the storage, accumulation, and conversion of the learning outcomes of non-degree continuing education and degree continuing education for rural revitalisation talents.

The School currently offers nine majors, including four undergraduate programmes starting from junior college degrees: 1) Administrative Management,2) Rural Regional Development, 3) Civil Engineering, and 4) Computer Science and Technology; and five majors at the junior college degree-level: 1) Business Administration, 2) Architectural Engineering Technology, 3) Pharmacy, 4) Big Data Technology, and 5) Administrative Management (Rural Management Orientation).