The School of Rehabilitation Assistive Products Training of the Open University of China (OUC) was jointly established by the OUC, the China Association of Assistive Products, and social corporations in November 2020, serving as the first rehabilitation assistive product industry-oriented training school in China.

The OUC School of Rehabilitation Assistive Products Training formulates national vocational standards and develops textbooks on national vocational skills for rehabilitation assistance technology consultants. With a focus on serving the national strategy of “Healthy China” and “Proactively Responding to Population Ageing” and a commitment to assisting the development of rehabilitation and serving social needs, it engages in the development of vocational skills training and training specialised talents for the rehabilitation and healthcare industry through the integration of high-end educational and industry resources.

Guided by Xi Jinping Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era, the School implements the CPC’s educational policy in a comprehensive way. Its fundamental task is fostering virtue through education and by adhering to the educational philosophy of “serving the rehabilitation assistive industry, talent training, and high-quality life”. It aims, by integrating industry and education and engaging in university-enterprise cooperation, to build a platform for the display, promotion, and application of rehabilitation assistive products. With the establishment of an innovation alliance serving political, industrial, academic, research, and application-related goals, it develops characteristic education that integrates the rehabilitation assistive education chain with that of the health nursing industry.

The School has established a teaching team composed of academicians, professors, and skilled practitioners and has developed a series of online and offline course training packages covering national vocational skill level training for rehabilitation assistance technology consultants, teacher training for rehabilitation assistance technology consultants, skills training oriented towards serving older adults, application skills for older adult assistive products, advanced study and training for innovation in rehabilitation assistive industry, skills training for health and older adult care, operation and management training for health and older adult care, and customised training for enterprises. This satisfies the training and learning needs and career development of personnel in the rehabilitation assistive and health nursing industry and the transformation and upgrading of health nursing enterprises.

Relying on thousands of OUC teaching centres, over 1,000 members of the China Association of Assistive Products, and cities engaged in the pilot national comprehensive innovation programme for the rehabilitation assistive products industry, the School has built a high-standard demonstration training base for rehabilitation assistive products and established a nationwide practical training base network, which has enabled the achievement of the joint construction, sharing, and management of educational resources, as well as comprehensive functions such as dual-function teachers practice, student internships, and corporate new business formats exhibitions.

The School will take advantage of the mechanism and role of the Credit Bank of the OUC to achieve the accumulation and transfer of learning outcomes for job skills training, build a high-quality talent cultivation system, and develop into a leading training school for rehabilitation assistive products in China.