The OUC Jundun School is an open institution serving the military, aiming to enhance the cultural level and professional attainment of non-commissioned officers, to strengthen the military in the “new era”, and foster virtue through education.

A specialised school directly under the OUC, it was established in February 2018 to offer distance education to non-commissioned officers.

The School is located in the Haidian District of Beijing Municipality, with its General Office, its Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Information Technology, Quality Management and Scientific Research departments, its Enrollment, Teaching, Examination and Research and Development centres, and its Research Institute on-site. The School offers integrated degree education, job training, and lifelong service while giving equal priority to both the liberal arts and sciences as well as technology and management. At present, to meet the demands of the armed police force and the need for training of military officers, the School offers two degree levels, with majors including Law, Administrative Management, and Computer Science and Technology (undergraduate level), and Legal Affairs, Administrative Management, and Computer-information Management (junior college).