On March 22, 2019, the School of Life and Health of the Open University of China (OUC) was established. This School was inaugurated through a partnership between the OUC, the China Association of Research & Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CARDTCM), and Hao Mei Health Industry Co., Ltd.

The primary objective of this school is to develop a comprehensive health education system, promote health-related knowledge, guide the public towards a more accurate understanding of health, and establish a solid foundation for safeguarding the health of individuals throughout their entire lives. The School's initiatives are closely aligned with national health strategies, and it utilizes the "Internet+ education" model to deliver degree and non-degree continuing education for Chinese medicine practitioners and individuals working in the healthcare industry.

The School has established seven majors for junior college-level degree education, including a self-designed major in Chinese medicine and healthcare that reflects the unique characteristics of the industry. The other majors offered include Elderly Services and Management, Pharmacy (with a Natural Medicine orientation), Health Management, Business Enterprise Management, Computer Information Management, and Construction Engineering Management. To ensure high-quality degree education, the School has assembled a teaching team led by Zheng Gelin, the vice-chair of CARDTCM, and has collaborated with various units such as the Training Centre of the Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion (CACMS) to establish practical teaching bases. Currently, the School utilizes 21 study centres in 15 regions throughout the country to facilitate enrolment processes.

Since its inception, the School has been actively involved in non-degree education. On the one hand, it has collaborated with various associations and industry enterprises to develop non-degree programmes, design curricula, establish training and assessment standards, among other initiatives. Presently, the School has signed cooperation agreements with many units, such as the China-Asia Economic Development Association (CAEDA), China Lonch Pharmaceutical Group, Japan International Medical Personnel Support Association, and Sichuan Gooddoctor Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd. It has also entered into training cooperation with various sub-committees under the association. On the other hand, the School places significant emphasis on credit banking and has completed the declaration of the OUC Life and Health Certification Sub-centre. It is also leading the project of developing the certification module of Chinese Medicine Health and Massage.

The School plans to capitalize on the OUC and CARDTCM's faculty and academic strengths, incorporating the health medicine concept. It will combine the distinctive advantages of Chinese medicine with health management, make full use of the essence of Internet+ education, cultivate healthcare talent, promote knowledge of health and fitness, promote Chinese medicine culture, and serve the Chinese medicine