On 22 March 2019, the School of Modern Property Services and Real-Estate Management (the Property School) of the Open University of China (OUC) was inaugurated.

It is a joint project of the OUC, the China Property Management Institute (CPMI), and the Chamberlain Institute (Shenzhen) (CBI), and the first school devoted exclusively to property management in China. It aims to offer multi-disciplinary training that takes advantage of the strengths of its stakeholders, and promote innovative human-resources development in the industry, training high-caliber property-management teams and advancing the industry.

Instruction takes place both online and offline via platforms, such as the OUC learning network, that allow efficient use of student time. Students for the most part are already employed in the property-management industry, or are new graduates interested in entering it.

In order to ensure teaching quality, the School has hired senior university professors and scholars as leaders, while experts from the industry are also invited.

The School has set up a council and a teaching-steering committee. The council consists of CPMI leaders and members of the CBI board of directors, while the committee is made up of both CPMI leaders and experts from enterprises and universities. The School has set up an office meeting of the presidents, which is responsible for the school council, and accepts the guidance and quality supervision of the committee.

Associated with the School are study centres established by institutions of higher learning that offer the Property Management major at or above the junior-college level, as well as qualified industrial-vocational educational institutions.