• Predicting Graduation Time of Online Higher Education Students
  • Status Quo of Online Teaching and Online Learning Resources in Polytechnics
  • Distance Collaborative Learning Projects: A Review
  • International Cooperation for the Open University of China
  • Relationship between Online Learning Environment and Undergraduates' Self-efficacy
  • Learning Efficacy of RTVU Students
  • Online Learner Characteristics for Community Education: Investigation and Analysis
  • Interactivity Design in Learning Resources for the Open University of China
  • Learning Resources Design Principles: the Case of Fujian RTVU
  • Distance Education Resources Development: From Teaching to Learning
  • Design Principles for Print Media in Modern Distance Education
  • Restructuring Highly-structured Distance Education Coursebook: The Case of This Is English 3
  • Blackboard-based Benchmark Course Development
  • Modern Distance Education for Rural Cadres: from a Rural "Information Gap" Perspective
  • Use of IT in Middle Schools in Inner Mongolia: The Case of Hulun Buir
  • Abstract