• Education Modernization and Distance Education
  • Journal Articles on Learning Design: A Content Analysis Based on IMS Learning Design Information Model
  • Micro-blogging in Educational Knowledge Management: Application Models
  • Learning Credit Banking System
  • Motivation Management for Distance Learners
  • Oral English Learning Strategy Training for Adult Learners in Open Education
  • Correlation between Continuous Assessment and Summative Assessment
  • Challenges on Presenting Lecture-based Telecourse
  • Construction of Learning Support System Based on Innovation 2.0 in Modern Open and Distance Education
  • Challenges for College English Teachers from Digital Learning
  • Textbook Evaluation: This is English
  • Articulated Naturality, Augmented Reality: A New Mobile Learning Experience
  • Local Application of IT in Basic Education in Tibetan Areas: Realization of Opentype Technology in Designing Tibetan Language Educational Websites
  • New Curriculum Concept and Web Course Design
  • Integration of Grass-roots Human Resources in Modern Distance Education for Rural Party Cadres
  • Abstract