• An Analysis of Open Educational Resources Movement
  • Factors Affecting Performance in E-learning: A Review
  • Distance Education Development in China from 2001 to 2010
  • Content Analysis of Academic Papers on Ubiquitous Learning
  • From Changes in Learner Characteristics to Adjustment in Instructional Strategies: A Survey of an English Course in CRTVU
  • A Qualitative Study of Dropout in Distance Education
  • On Reform and Development of Sweden University E-learning in the Bologna Process
  • Organizational Climate in Online Learning Communities
  • Designing and Implementing E-learning Resources Coordination and Sharing Architecture in the SOA Environment
  • Applying Cloud Computing to Producing Top-quality Courses
  • Strategies for Making Effective Use of Online Courses: A Leaner Perspective
  • Investigation and Analysis of the Application of Online Learning platform in Vocational Schools
  • Towards a Long-term Mechanism of Tele-training for Rural Migrant Workers: A Case Study
  • The Use of Virtual Reality in Developing Teaching Games for Online Courses
  • Weaving Personal Learning Network: Using Online Technologies to Create Customized, Connected,   and Dynamic Learning Environments
  • A Survey Study of Leading Primary and Secondary Teachers’ educational Technology Competencies in Henan, Central China
  • IT Teachers’ Professional Burnout in Rural Primary and Secondary Schools: A Survey in Yantai, a Costal City in East China
  • Abstract