• Lessons from European Credit Transfer System and European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training
  • The Cultural Mission of Open Universities in the Context of Canadian Distance Education Development
  • On Open Educational Resources Development and Application: A Case Study of Open Learning Initiative (OLI) of Carnegie Mellon University
  • Action Research and Distance Education Teachers’ Professional Development
  • Dropouts from an Open and Distance English Programme
  • On the Cultivation of Tacit Knowledge in Distance ELT
  • The Design of Self-directed E-learning Environment from the Perspective of Knowledge Management
  • A Study on Self-evaluation for University Students in Online Teaching
  • Demand Orientation of Community Education: The Role of Radio and Television University in Community Education
  • Resources Sharing and Win-win Cooperation: Towards the Roles of Grass-root Radio and Television   Universities in Community Education
  • On the Development of Benchmark Courses from the Perspective of Generative Strategies
  • JUNG: A Framework for Automatizing Social Network Analysis
  • Building PLC-based Training Platforms
  • Abstract