• Influence of Macro Environment Changes on the Demands for OU Education
  • The 4th Subcommittee of OUC Advisory Committee for Reform and Development
  • Distance Education from a Technological Culture Perspective
  • Safe Harbor or Inhibiting Magic Phrase: Copyright Issues in Online Distance Education from a Constitutional Perspective
  • Writing Online Learning Resources: Principles and Applications
  • Learning Support in Rural Distance Education: a New Perspective
  • Learner Adaptability in the One-University-Student-in-One-Village Plan: Problems and Solutions
  • Online Learning Resources Based on Knowledge Structure of the Course: Design and Implementation
  • Constructing Learning Communities: Essentials, Methods and Models
  • Modern Distance Education Evaluation and Accreditation in China: Practice and Development
  • Local Educational Resources in the Modern Distance Education Project in Rural Primary and Secondary Schools: Design and Development
  • Three Ways to Promote Sustainable Development of Distance Education in Rural Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Research in E-learning Tags based on Folksonomy
  • Adaptive Models of Mobile Learning Instruments Based on Agent
  • Lifelong Learning Policy in South Africa: Development and Issues