• Development of Online Education in Traditional Universities: Putting OUs in the Picture 
  • Sixth Sub-committee of the Advisory Committee of OUC 
  • Application of Ontology in the Construction and Interaction of Subject and Object in Web-based Learning
  • Building A "Campus" Learning Culture in Modern Distance Education 
  • Changes in Learning in Web2.0 Environment: a Communication Analysis 
  • Wiki-based Design of Learning Activities 
  • Peer Review in Distance English Language Teaching
  • Cluster Management of OUs' Libraries 
  • Instructional Design and Development of Online Resources of State Benchmark Courses: A Content Analysis 
  • Investigation of the Status Quo of IT Teachers in Qinghai Province 
  • Design of an E-learning Mode Based on Semantic Web 
  • A Study of the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Distance Education 
  • Analyzing the Development Model of Distance Education in Norway