Qinghai Provincial People’s Government recently approved the renaming of Qinghai Radio and TV University (Qinghai RTVU) as Qinghai Open University(Qinghai OU), signifying that the university has reached a new stage of building a new type of university serving lifelong learning for all.

After the name change to Qinghai OU, the university will become a new type of higher education institution characterised by Internet Plus Education. It will have a mission to promote lifelong learning for all and an objective of providing public services in lifelong education with the support of modern information technology. The provincial government requires the provincial Education Department to incorporate the construction of Qinghai OU into the overall plan for educational development in the whole province, strengthen management and guidance, and improve support and guarantee measures. The Education Department should guide the university in earnestly implementing the tasks of comprehensive reform, transformation, and development, establish a corresponding working mechanism, and make overall plans to promote the renaming of RTVUs in the province at all levels. The provincial government also set requirements for Qinghai OU to take the opportunity presented by its name change to strengthen the Party's leadership, comprehensively implement the Party's education policy, and seriously implement the fundamental task of forging virtue through education. It is expected to innovate its learner training model, strengthen the construction of a teaching team, and improve the strength of school running and the quality of education and teaching so as to provide strong support for lifelong learning for all and the construction of a skilled society. In the 41 years since its establishment in 1979, Qinghai RTVU has cultivated more than 120,000 undergraduate and junior college graduates and carried out various training events for more than 300,000 people, all of which made important contributions to the popularisation of higher education in Qinghai province, to the construction of a learning society, and to promoting economic and social development.

By OUC News Network, reprinted from www.qhnews.com