On 20 July, 2020, the 2020 list of “Excellent Shared Courses of Colleges and Universities in Shanxi” was released by the province's Education Department. 14 courses from the Huixuexi learning-resources platform of the Open University of China (OUC)(Huixuexi platform for short) made the list.




Among these, 11 quality sharing courses were listed.

In addition, three courses produced with the assistance of the OUC Press and Media Group were included.

This organisation has helped a number of colleges and universities in Shanxi Province record high-quality shared courses. Based on the Huixuexi platform, it has developed mixed and flipped-classroom teaching for presentations, as well as interaction among teachers and students in and out of class, enhancing student participation and progress as well as the ability of teachers to work online, use and share resources, and develop other aspects of their skills. During the selection process, the staff of the digital-publishing division of the OUC Press and Media Group assisted teachers with the development, construction and updating of resources, covering video production, teaching courseware, syllabi, exercise assignments, examinations, evaluation methods, and so on.

Since being set up, the Huixuexi platform has connected universities, students and teachers through efficient and widespread sharing of high-quality teaching resources, promoting equal access to education. In the future, it will continue to rely on its large number of excellent teachers, high-quality resources, and online-resource development to produce more and more high-quality online courses at both the provincial and national levels, and promote the continuous development of these.


By the OUC Press and Media Group