Recently, a graduation ceremony for the Esquel Assistance Plan Project, part of the Open University of China (OUC) Action Plan for Realising Dreams of Further Education and the first of its kind, was held in Gaoming district, Foshan city. Lin Yu, vice president of the OUC, attended the graduation ceremony, delivered a speech, and issued diplomas to outstanding graduates.

Pictures of the first group of graduates of Esquel Group’s Realising University Dreams Project

Speech by Lin Yu, OUC vice president

Lin Yu pointed out that the OUC adheres to the concept of "teaching by famous teachers" and "developing a university based on teaching quality.” The university and Esquel Group have worked to explore an Internet+ based continuing educational model that features the "integration of production and education, and school business cooperation.” They have jointly created a training plan suitable for the learning needs of first-line class leaders in the industry, which cultivated a group of outstanding new industrial workers who are able apply what they have learnt. He said that in the information age, only those with learning abilities can be creative. He encouraged students to regard learning as a spiritual belief, a habit, and a lifetime pursuit, so as to accumulate strength for the transformation and upgrading of their business and their future personal development.

Lin Yu, vice president of the OUC, granting awards

Relevant leaders from the OUC, Esquel Group, and the Federation of Trade Unions of Guangdong province and Guangzhou city, awarded honorary certificates and scholarships to 10 outstanding students and 30 graduate representatives.

Lin Yu, vice president of the OUC, being interviewed by Southern Labour Daily (a newspaper with Guangdong trade union) and Foshan TV Station

The research working group investigated the Action Plan for Realising Dreams of Further Education within Guangdong Federation of Trade Unions

The research working group investigated the school-running system and teaching reform of the OUC Nanhai Experimental School

At the same time, according to the unified deployment of the Ministry of Education and the OUC’s Themed Implementation Plan of "Never Forget the Original Intention, Keep the Mission in Mind,” Lin Yu also took an investigation group composed of Ye Zhihong, director of the Academic Affairs Department, Guo Qingchun, dean of the OUC Experimental School and deputy dean of Qikun, and Chen Siming, director of the Project Office under the Academic Affairs Department (Industrial Workers Education), to visit Guangdong Federation of Trade Unions, Guangzhou Experimental School, the OUC (Nanhai) Experimental School, and Esquel Group, and conducted grass-roots research on deepening teaching reform and the Action Plan of Realising Dreams of Further Education.

By Chen Siming,OUC