Introduction to the OUC Painting and Calligraphy Art Education Research Institute

The Painting and Calligraphy Art Education Research Institute of the Open University of China (OUC) is sponsored by the OUC Publishing & Media Group and run by the OUC Faculty of Humanities under the leadership of the OUC. The purpose of the institute is to popularise art education, enhance artistic literacy nationwide, and meet the needs of the public for high-quality, diverse, and convenient education in painting and calligraphy. It aims above all to maintain close contact with masters of painting and calligraphy as well as scholars and other experts enthusiastic about art education, to explore integrating information technology with art education to promote its popularisation and modernisation, to research the teaching of painting and calligraphy, to build related online platforms, to study and develop related teaching resources, and to carry out training and exchanges.

Introduction to Your Arts (the OUC website for art education)

Your Arts, sponsored by the OUC Painting and Calligraphy Art Education Research Institute, offers the public online training in painting and calligraphy, mainly by way of video courses. The website covers five categories: online courses, famous teachers and paintings, community, publications, and the research institute, while the seven categories of online course include western painting, traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, and seal cutting.