• Diversification in innovating pedagogy: Review of Innovating Pedagogy 2019 ,OUUK
  • Future development-oriented digital literacy and its training strategies: Insights from Digital Literacy:
    An NMC Horizon Project Strategic Brief
  • Technology-empowered future learners: The 2016 ISTE standards for students and their relevance to
    IT skills development of Chinese primary and secondary students
  • A portrait of open and distance education in the world
  • Predictions for personalized learning from a learning analytics perspective 
  • Blended synchronous learning: A literature review 
  • The development of MOOCs in Asia from 2013 to 2017
  • MOOC platforms: Copyright risks and solutions 
  • Learning credit bank construction: Dilemma and reflections from a commercial bank perspective
  • Intelligent classrooms: Data flow mechanism and ecosystem construction
  • Mobile learning resources for blended flexible learning: Design and application
  • Abstracts
  • Contents