• Instructional interaction in distance learning: principles and strategies
  • Hierarchical Model for Instructional Interaction in distance learning:
    a philosophical perspective
  • Predictions of and interventions in university students’ academic achievement on
    cloud-based learning platforms
  • Using Knowledge Map to analyze hot topics and trends of Wisdom Education research
  • Differences in using MOOCs in China and the USA
  • Mapping research trends from 35 years of publications in Distance Education
  • Credit recognition and transfer for degree/diploma programs in continuing higher education
  • Digital reading as an innovation in community education: a case study
  • Towards a competency-based education model for curriculum development
  • Towards a digital resource sharing model for vocational training: the case of World Bank
    Loan Project Digital training teaching resource sharing platform
  • Book review: Issues of Community Education in Transition
  • Foreword to Issues of Community Education in Transition
  • Abstract