It has been more than ten years since China Central Radio and TV University (CCRTVU) began to enrol undergraduate students in its English major (business English) in 1999. Over the past ten years, the major has trained tens of thousands of qualified graduates. In 2012, when the Open University of China (OUC) was established, the new business English major (international business) began to enrol students in its undergraduate programmes. In order to better serve the new major and students, the School of Foreign Languages successfully launched a new curriculum and curriculum resources with the joint efforts of various parties.

1.Education standards and objectives

Education standards: Undergraduate programme (starting from junior college level), two-year educational system, three-year part-time study, and a minimum length of study of two and a half years.

Education objectives: This major aims to cultivate practical professionals with English language skills who possess political integrity and professional competence. They should be equipped with a foundational knowledge of the English language and have strong English communication abilities that allow them to engage in foreign business.

Degree objective: Bachelor of Arts

2.Curriculum modules

The major has eight curriculum modules: public basic courses, major foundation courses, professional courses, certificate courses, second foreign language, general education, practical courses, and supplementary courses.