Child Psychology, Principles of Pre-school Education, Health and Care of Pre-school Children, Children’s Games and Toys, Kindergarten Curriculum and Activity Design, Care and Education of 0 to 3-year-olds, Family Education for Children, Assessment of Kindergarten Education, Child Development Consultation and Guidance, Kindergarten Organization and Management, Research Methods for Pre-school Education, Modern Education Management, and Education Law.

I. Training objectives and specifications

(I)The objective is to train professionals in the basic theories of modern pre-school education and the skills in line with children’s developmental needs. They will be qualified to work as child educators in schools, communities and households.

(II) Training requirements

The programme equips students with the following.

1. Mastery of the basic principles of Marxism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory; a scientific outlook; love of pre-school education; sound professional ethics; and a desire to work toward socialist modernization.

2. A grasp of culture, science and art, as well as the basic theories and methods of pre-school education; the ability to reflect on teaching and develop as a teacher.

3. English and computer skills.

4. Mental and physical health, and a sound personality.

II. Curriculum setup

The curricula are set up in full consideration of the actual needs of kindergartens. Based on the priority given to practice, compulsory courses include Child Developmental Psychology, Pre-school Education, Kindergarten Curricula, Health Education of Pre-school Children, Language Education for Pre-school Children, Science Education for Pre-school Children, Social Education for Pre-school Children, Arts Education for Pre-school Children (including music and the fine arts), and others. The optional courses are available at the discretion of individual OUC branches based on their training objectives and local needs; these may include Infant Nutrition and Care, Theory and Guidance of Pre-school Games, Policies and Regulations of Pre-school Instruction, Kindergarten Management, and so on. Finally, an internship enabling integrated practice gives students opportunities to put their learning to work in the real world.

III. Teaching team

With regard to teaching and resource construction, we employ pre-school-education experts from famous universities such as East China Normal University, Nanjing Normal University, Zhejiang Normal University, Southwest University, Hangzhou Normal University, and Ningbo Open University as editors-in-chief and lecturers. At the same time, multimedia resources are constructed by multimedia experts with understanding of distance education, and experienced RTVU course leaders are employed as teachers, helping students become experts in early-childhood education.