The programme aims to cultivate technical and skilled professionals with basic professional knowledge and strong practical operation abilities. The graduates should be able to engage in production, operation, and management at grass-roots management posts.

I. Training Objectives and Standards

Two-year junior college programme for part-time students to complete within three years. Minimum length of study should be no less than two and half years.

The programme aims to foster technical and skilled professional s with basic theoretical knowledge and strong practical operation abilities who can engage in production, operation and management at grass-roots management posts. Upon completing their studies, graduates should possess the following abilities:

(1) Preliminary ability to analyse and solve practical problems related to general engineering;
(2) Ability to read and draw construction drawings;
(3) Ability to select and test architectural materials;
(4) Ability of setting out lines, conduct elevation surveys, and observe construction;
(5) Ability to draft construction technology plans and project designs;
(6) Ability to prepare budget estimates for construction drawings, bid quotations, contract management, and construction claims;
(7) Ability to understand the design of construction drawings and technical documents, and organise the technical management of the whole construction process;
(8) Ability to analyse and solve practical problems in construction and to prevent and deal with engineering quality incidents;
(9) Ability to design general architectural structures;
(10) Preliminary ability to manage and supervise construction projects;
(11) Preliminary ability to engage in technological development.

II.Core Courses

Architectural Drawing Basics, Architectural Materials, Architectural Structures, Architectural Mechanics, Management Basics, Architectural Finance and Cost Accounting, Architectural Equipment, Architectural Surveys, Construction Bidding and Contract Management, Architectural Construction Regulations, Architectural Construction Technology, Architectural Engineering Quality Inspection, Architectural Engineering Project Management, Architectural Engineering Measurement and Valuation.

III. Graduation

The minimum number of credits required to graduate from this major is 76. Graduates who obtain the required number of credits and meet the moral education requirements will be awarded with a nationally-recognised junior college graduation certificate of higher education.