Education bears dreams and helps breed hope. Recently the Yuhuan Institute of Zhejiang Radio & TV University (RTVU) visited Ruijin City, Jiangxi Province to promote and raise funds for the donation of what they’re calling “love” computers. The activity involves 38 computers and 38 sets of computer desks and related equipment scheduled to be donated to the Baikeng Supor Hope Primary School in the Rentian Town of Ruijin City, and an entire “love” computer lab.  

1. Micro help breeding hope
Located in the eastern mountainous city of Ruijin, Baikeng Primary School in Ruijin’s Rentian Town is one of the city’s most remote schools. In 2012, Supor’s Zhejiang branch invested RMB 1m to construct the Baikeng Supor Hope Primary School. So far, the school serves six grades, employing 16 teachers and instructing 220 students. Due to the school’s lack of funding, it lacks electronic equipment, and its teaching facilities are highly outdated. However, its students are filled with great eagerness to access information technology. So, the need to build a computer lab is very urgent.

After learning of the school’s circumstances, the Yuhuan Institute decided to donate 38 computers as part of a “love” computer lab to Baikeng Hope Primary School to help meet the educational needs of its teachers and students, aiding the realization of the children’s computer dreams and helping develop education of the rural mountainous area. 

Deep affection and sincere love are shown. “We believe that even the coldest heart softens and warms when facing the eyes of children, filled with hope and tenacity”, Mr. Wu Chenjie, the secretary of the Yuhuan Institute Party Committee, said, “We expect to offer our miniscule efforts towards building a “love” computer lab in order to introduce children to computers. Our greater hope is that this activity helps “casting a brick to attract jade,” and thereby motivate compassionate public figures to participate in developing the educational system in rural mountainous areas, so that we can truly improve both the learning environment and the living conditions in the rural primary schools in mountainous areas, broaden children’s perspectives and introduce them to the splendor of the outside world.”

2. Little computer, big world
Statistics show that computer ownership in local villages is currently 0.91%. Among the over 150 million primary to high school-aged rural students, over 80% have never seen a computer before. The children of Baikeng Primary School have never enrolled in a computer class or even left their hometown. The only way they can discover the world is by using their eyes. “During this time in a young person’s life, the seed of character is geminated in a person’s heart. Our students are eager to acquire knowledge and understand the outside world, but our biggest problems right now are our lack of computers and qualified teachers,” Baikeng Primary School’s headmaster Chen Yunfa admitted emotionally.

So that we may introduce children to computers more quickly and at a much earlier age, in addition to providing the children with computers, computer teacher An Xiwang of the Yuhuan Institute began teaching the course “Accessing the Information Age”, an initial vivid introduction to computer-related technology and its influence on our daily lives.

Despite the sweltering summer weather and lack of air conditioning in the classroom, children were rapt with attention. Evan as beads of sweat dripped down their faces, their happiness pervaded the air. Hearing words they had never heard before, like “mouse,” “keyboard,” “eBook” and “iPad,” looking in wonder at each new picture that appeared on the screen, the children‘s eyes dilated with curiosity. “Big brother, this computer technology is so amazing! Can you teach us how to write and draw pictures?” “Teacher, can I look at my Mom and Dad on the computer?”……

Computers open the door to understanding the modern world, just as love helps children’s dreams come true. “The students here have never seen computers before, so the donation by Yuhuan Institute is very timely. “Love” computers facilitate the sharing of information technology with children in less developed mountain areas, and pave a shortcut to outside world for children eager for knowledge. All these factors will exert a very beneficial effect on the long-term development of these children,” said Zeng Shuping, director of Education Bureau of Ruijin City. 

3. On the way of love
On July 13th, the seventh typhoon of the year, named “Suli” has landed in Fujian at 16. The coastal area of Yuhuan County in Zhejiang province was also affected by a storm. However, the staff of Yuhuan Institute stayed in the engine room to fastidiously complete the testing, upgrading, packing, handling and loading of the computers that would be donated, and doing everything in their power to get the computers to the children from the mountainous region as early as possible.      

July 18 was the very first day of summer vacation for Yuhuan Institute. At 5:00am, with the glow of dawn just emerging, the special bus emerged from Yuhuan Institute, carrying the donated computers, as well as a love volunteer team composed of 13 party members and teachers and the deep affection and caring of the staff at Radio and Television University. For the children of the Baikeng Primary School, this batch of computers is definitely a timely and valuable source of help.  

Love can pass through mountains and rivers. After plodding the path of more than 900 kilometers, a journey of 13 hours without stopping, the love volunteer team finally arrived at the Baikeng Primary School. Ignoring their exhaustion and hunger, they unloaded their cargo, and every box of computers and equipment made it into their classrooms in one great effort, ready for immediate installation. To ensure that the following day’s training would proceed smoothly, the volunteers continued working very late into the night. On the morning of the 19th, the team was once again busying themselves arranging wires, undertaking parallel operations and debugging the computers. The work was stressful but the orders were followed in an orderly way. Seeing the finished computer classroom at last, everyone involved felt deeply gratified. “The children can now attend computer class here, and will have additional chances to operate them and thereby realize their dreams of not only accessing technology but improving their lives as well.” Mr. Xiong Bangzhong, a Jiangxi native and Yuhuan Institute computer technology teacher, who arrived as part of the love volunteer team, commented, “I feel very happy to offer my compassion and do my bit for the children of my hometown.”       

During the three brief days, Yuhuan Institute has also undertaken a series of beneficial educational activities in addition to building the love computer classroom itself. These efforts include initiating the computer training required to begin the very first computer class of these children’s lives, donating other love articles, such as books, schoolbags, stationery and cups to teachers and children in the mountainous areas and carrying out mentoring activities to encourage optimism, self-confidence, diligence an good citizenship.   

The roses have been given, and the fragrance is now in hand. Netizen A Zhong said: “Love is boundless! I eagerly desire to participate in your meaningful activity”; Netizen “Yiyezhiqiu” added in her micro-blog: “Please let love make children’s dreams come true. Great applause is due the chivalrous deeds of  the staff at Yuhuan Institute of Zhejiang RTVU.”
Love keeps hope alive! 

By Zhejiang RTVU