On June 6, 2013, Chongqing Radio and TV University (RTVU) launched its pilot programme of the Open Education Learner Support System (2013 Version) in the Digital Learner Harbor of its Continuing Education Institute. Fuling RTVU, Qianjiang RTVU, Yongchuan RTVU, Jiangong College and Continuing Education Institute are also included in the first group of pilot units.

Starting with a consideration of students’ learning demand and combining the concept of lifelong learning with the study motivation mechanism, the Open Education Learner Support System (2013 Version) of Chongqing RTVU is aimed at exploring a learner support pattern and bearing mode based on the deep integration of modern information technology and distance education. 

The updated Learner Support System is designed as a one-stop service featuring convenience, individualization, and extensibility, and can be easily promoted. It integrates the three roles (the resources) of students, tutors, and RTVU managing staff into a one-stop resource center, providing two-way interaction based on different user classes. It includes an open data management server interface, where up to date information on the progress of one's education and current scores help facilitate real-time evaluation and results. The system can be easily accessed from anywhere internet service is available, and is web-based, with no need for additional software installation, system customization, or the importation or migration of data.

The following requirements for the pilot project were put forth in the kick-off meeting: All pilot units should try their best to collect more students’ opinions, take more advice from front-line managing staff, and keep close contact and communication with learner support project teams so as to help make the Learner Support System   a true “One-Stop” service platform marked by characteristics such as convenience, efficiency, specificity, and simplicity, all with the aim of satisfying students’ individualized demand. The design concept, service orientation, specific function setting, and basic operation were also introduced and showcased in the meeting. The pilot units and participants also contributed a great deal to the construction of the open university, the promotion of the application system of learner support, and the perfection of service functions. 

By Chongqing RTVU