On the morning of June 4, more than 100 students from the Tourism School of Shenzhen RTVU at the OCT EAST joyfully entered the lecture hall in order to attend their graduation ceremony. They are the first graduates of the school. Deng Mengzhong, party secretary of the Shenzhen RTVU Party Committee and president of Shenzhen RTVU, Hu Xinsheng, vice president of Shenzhen RTVU, Zhuang Bao, president of the Sha Tau Kok Campus of Shenzhen RTVU, and Hong Weijun, vice general manager of the Shenzhen OCT EAST also attended the graduation ceremony.

Founded in 2010, the Tourism School of Shenzhen RTVU at the OCT EAST enrolled more than 180 students in its first year to complete accounting, tourism English, low-carbon tourism management, and property management programmes. After three years’ hard work, 139 have successfully completed the curriculum, three of which obtained a bachelor’s degree. More than 40 students have received scholarships of various levels in different fields.

Xu Le, who majored in accounting, spoke on behalf of his fellow graduates at the ceremony. He looked back on his learning, working, and life experiences in the OCT EAST over the past three years. He said he would never forget his leaders’ support, teachers’ instructions, and classmates’ encouragement, and had made up his mind to confidently seize every minute to learn and to work in the future. Also, he has decided to become an intellectual, passionate, ambitious person with excellent morals and academic knowledge, and to innovate with an earnest and down-to-earth attitude.

President Deng Mengzhong also congratulated the students on their graduation. He said, “Your experience in this school of learning while working is an important stage of your life and will become a precious memory for you. You should be proud of yourselves not only for reaping a positive outcome academically, but also for establishing close bonds with your friends, your classmates, and your colleagues. I hope all of you can lead the life of your dreams, achieved through your hard work and determination.”

Vice general manager of Shenzhen OCT EAST, Hong Weijun, delivered the concluding comments. She first congratulated the graduates and then thanked the students’ families, friends, and colleagues for their constant support, also thanking all the leaders for their steadfast attention to the development of the school, and the teachers, because they persevered through hardships and worked hard to instruct the students in their homes. She said that now their three years’ hard work could bear the fruit of this positive reward. She hoped that the graduates would apply the OCT EAST’s notions to work and to life: Humanity, Innovation, Persistence, and Excellence. At last, she sent her best wishes to them: try to be a kindhearted person, keep a down-to-earth attitude, cultivate a spirit of innovation, and cherish your own dream — because reaching for your dreams is beautiful. 

In the three years since its establishment in 2010, the Tourism School of Shenzhen RTVU at the OCT EAST has enrolled more than 400 students. Now its first graduates will walk out of the campus with a youthful, passionate spirit and strength. They are about to embark on a new journey in life. We sincerely hope they can keep clearly focused on their goals and remain committed to excellence!

By Shenzhen RTVU