On May 25, 2013, the activity “Fragrance of Tea Enters the Community”, hosted by Fujian Radio and TV University (RTVU), was launched in Fujian's famous cultural and historical district known as "three lanes and seven alleys". Fujian RTVU also established the Learning Association of Three Lanes and Seven Alleys as the first “Lifelong Education and Community Education Experimental Base of Fujian RTVU”.

The activity promoted lifelong education and community education through its focus on harmonious community culture, cultivating tea culture with Fujian features in community, and enriching community education activities in Fujian. The Fujian RTVU arranges activities in communities to advocate healthy and scientific tea drinking, recommend healthy lifestyle choices characterized by appropriate tea consumption, strengthen the influence and popularity of tea culture in communities and families, and improve residents’ overall quality of life, thereby constructing a harmonious community culture.

According to President of Fujian RTVU Ye Wenhua, the activity “Fragrance of Tea Enters the Community” can further enhance community education by using the online community education resources available in Fujian. It is also an important attempt for Fujian RTVU to better cultivate latent talents in society and communities, build community spirit characterized by local features, and improve residents’ educational level, all while popularizing tea-related knowledge.

On its launch day, community residents enjoyed an excellent tea ceremony and lively tea lecture, which were closely tied to social life and enabled them to personally see, hear, smell, and taste tea culture.

After its launch day, Fujian RTVU pledged to establish relevant mechanisms to guarantee that the activity can reproduced smoothly in RTVUs in Fujian Province. Furthermore, Fujian RTVU will take advantage of the “i-Tea Laboratory” project  created by the Community Education Research and Training Center of the Ministry of Education to help bring the real and virtual communities closer together.

Fujian RTVU has already developed tea-related courses for degree education, such as “Tea Production and Processing” and “Tea Culture Industry and Management”. In order to better equip those enrolled in the programmes, Fujian RTVU is constantly striving to improve teaching content and curriculums to enhance students’ professional skills. Fujian RTVU has arranged “Fragrance of Tea Enters the Community” activity and developed non-degree educational training center “Strait Tea Ceremony Harbor” to promote the combination between training objectives and vocational qualification standards, create specialized courses to meet specific social needs, develop a curriculum characterized by continuing education with equal emphasis on knowledge and ability, specialized education and vocational education.

By Fujian RTVU