On May 25th 2013, campus recreational activities were organized by Xi’an RTVU School for the Disabled, and scores of students from the school participated. Competitive events included ping-pong and tug-of-war, and were divided into mens' and womens' categories. The top three winners were chosen after preliminary, semi-final, and final matches, with prizes awarded to the first, second, third place finishers and participants.

Around the ping-pong tables, all the players were in high spirits. Their perseverance and positive attitude affected all those in the audience. Cheers for the players arose for each contestant, one after another, and merry laughter lingered on incessantly. The tug-of-war was the last competition scheduled for the day and the scene was very exciting. All the players gave their best. With the encouragement of the university leaders, they were united by a strong team spirit and put in a mighty performance, which demonstrated the students’ sense of belonging to the school and their collective sense of honor.

This event showcased the optimistic outlook, self-respect, desire for self-improvement, and self-reliance of the disabled people, building a bridge of communication and understanding between the disabled and normal persons. The contestants took a group photo after the event, which left them with bright smiles and happy memories. This positive spirit and determination will continue to give them confidence and help them find success as productive members of society.

Secretary Yang Xinzhou of Xi’an RTVU CPC Committee attended the sports activity week and made an investigation of the School for the Disabled. He had an encouraging talk with 8 disabled student representatives. They enjoyed a discussion on several lively topics, such as: whether disabled students should attend classes with normal students given that there are relatively few resources available to help meet their special needs, whether the school can assist them with job-placement services, and improving handicapped access. Secretary Yang responded to all their questions and instructed the relevant leaders to waste no time in formulating plans to address their concerns. He encouraged the disabled students to avoid self-isolation and emphasized their responsibility to take charge of their own destiny. They had to continue to set personal goals and avoid self-pity. Instead they should make use of their advantages of diligence, dedication, and earnestness so as to make the most of their situation, developing their own unique abilities and improving themselves by utilizing the great platform of support offered by the RTVU. He pledged that the future construction of new campuses and the remodeling of existing facilities would include handicapped access facilities, and that existing infrastructure would be retrofitted as possible.

Party Secretary Yang Xinzhou Playing Ping-Pong with Students

Exciting Tug-of-War

By Xi’an RTVU