“I’ve had the good fortune of meeting great teachers at Jiaxing Radio and TV University. I have completed my junior college education here, but I want to continue to study here for an undergraduate degree. I’d like to use my youth to lay a solid foundation for my own development and serve Jiaxing, so that I can repay her great kindness to us as our second hometown!” He Peng, an excellent graduate from Shenyang, said the above at the Jiaxing RTVU Spring 2013 graduation ceremony on May 19. His remarks drew the applause of the entire graduating class.

“I’ve been in Jiaxing for 6 years and this is my third year at Jiaxing RTVU. I’m going to stay here and develop my career.” As chairman of Jiaxing RTVU's student union, He Peng is full of confidence. From his first job in Jiaxing as an ordinary supermarket manager to his current position as deputy general manager of Trust-Mart, self-development has been the continual driving force in his pursuit of knowledge. He told the reporter that he had not only enjoyed success at work but also bought a house and married a Jiaxing girl.
“With my promotion to higher levels of management, I always feel that my knowledge falls short. After I finish the undergraduate programme of business administration, I want to go on to postgraduate study while I continue working.” He revealed that there were already 8 people in his own department enrolled in the RTVU undergraduate business administration programme. 

“The local economy in Jiaxing is in the upswing, and more and more new residents are coming to work and develop their careers. The education level of 95% of these people is at or below the junior college level. They urgently need to raise their educational level to be able to push their careers forward. To serve their needs, Jiaxing RTVU has set up an array of undergraduate and junior college programmes suited to local industrial characteristics, opening a door of continuous learning for new residents. The response has been excellent.” According to Zhang Chuangwei, dean of Jiaxing RTVU School of Open Education, new resident learners account for over 25% of this year's 826 graduates in 32 undergraduate and junior college programmes, which is the highest percentage ever. It is estimated that this percentage will continue to increase.

As more new resident learners pursue study at Jiaxing RTVU, their influence has also expanded. Three of this year’s seven student union members are new residents. The university treats all students equally, whether new resident or local, and some policies and measures actually favor new residents. To further incent new residents, the university launched an incremental tuition payment system. Extremely needy students may qualify for partial or full exemption of tuition. To ease work-study conflicts for new residents, Jiaxing RTVU specially arranged a small-class reservation system this term for over 20 courses.

By Jiaxing Daily