The 2012 National Teacher Training Programme, undertaken by Gansu RTVU to provide distance training to backbone primary and secondary school teachers in rural areas of Gansu Province, has already been launched. Recently Gansu RTVU has held training classes for 476 teachers. After completing their training,

these teachers will oversee distance training programmes in all the cities and counties of Gansu Province, and become assistant teachers for distance training. Via the Internet, a further 35,000 teachers in 12 cities and autonomous prefectures will be able to receive the training. This is the third consecutive year that Gansu RTVU has carried on this programme. According to the initial statistics, by the end of 2012, a total of 65,000 rural backbone primary and secondary school teachers will have completed the training courses.

About the National Teacher Training Programme

The programme was launched by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance in 2010, and aims to improve the overall quality of primary and secondary school teachers, especially those in rural areas. From 2010 to 2012, China has already invested over 54,000,000 RMB in this program in Gansu Province, which trains teachers using three methods: web-based distance training, replacement study training, and intensive training. The programme’s trainers are experts from Gansu RTVU,,, and Gansu Provincial Center for Educational Technology. The programme uses plan analysis, sharing experiences, lectures, expert reports, simulation salons, computer-based exercises to help trainees fully understand the significance and objectives of the National Teacher Training Programme, while also developing teachers’ skills concerning their class management, division of work, responsibilities, tasks and missions. After training, each teacher is responsible for training 100 other local teachers to achieve the ultimate goal set forth by the National Teacher Training Programme.

By Gansu RTVU