On September 22, 2012, a plainly dressed grey-haired gentleman appeared at the opening ceremony of Weiyuan Radio and TV University (RTVU). Those in attendance were surprised to see an elderly person at the ceremony, but the gentleman himself appeared extremely calm and listened intently to

the speeches with determination and modesty in his eyes. His name is Liu Chengsen, an Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine major enrolled in Weiyuan RTVU's 2012 spring term as part of the “One College Student in Every Village” project.

Liu was very excited to be able to go to college at the RTVU, having turned 60 this year. He said, “I heard long ago that Weiyuan RTVU is a university for ordinary people, giving common folk an equal chance to go to college, and a place to learn many practical skills. I am neither a teacher nor a company employee, much less a cadre. I am merely an ordinary farmer in Baihua Village of Yanling Town. I received little schooling in the past, but I started a family pig farm recently with the encouragement and support of the national government. However, due to a lack of technical skills, return on investment for the past few years hasn't been very good. Actually, what worries me most is not poor feeding technique but pig diseases. Over the past few years, I have come to realize that you can't make it as a farmer nowadays without science and technology. Weiyuan RTVU that has made my university dream come true! I will study hard and apply modern cultivation techniques on my pig farm, and use science to enrich myself and my neighbors!”

During class discussion, Liu asked, “Can someone my age learn to use a computer? How much more money do I need to pay?” The teacher replied, “You can come to the school to learn computer knowledge any time. We will help you learn to use a computer to study online, look up reference material, collect information and listen to lectures given by experts. In addition, you can communicate with your teachers and classmates. The school will not charge any fees for this.”

Mr. Liu has exemplified the concept of “lifelong learning” for RTVU teachers and students with his simple words and positive action. His ardent quest for knowledge sets a new example of lifelong learning for us all.

By Neijiang RTVU, Weiyuan Campus