The first free computer training class given to senior citizens by Zhejiang RTVU came to an end yesterday. The training programme lasted nearly a month, and 55 seniors from 24 Hangzhou communities averaged 66 years old received the training. Qiu Guoqian, the oldest student, is already 81 years of age.

The training includes typing, chatting online, and browsing news etc. Taking into consideration the slowness of the elderly in acquiring new knowledge and their poor memories, the university taught the classes step by step so that each student could fully grasp the computer technology.
"We are getting old, and our memory and hands-on skills are failing. We are very happy to have this opportunity to learn computer skills. We should also keep up with the latest trends”, said old man Shen Baizhong. During breaks from class, the old students often gather to talk about what they've learned and their life experiences.
Old woman Ding Wenzhu said, “The training is very helpful, and it has led me, a computer laywoman, into the world of the Internet. It really opens up a fantastic new world. What’s more, I have more to talk about with my grandsons and granddaughters. All of us can also chat online.”
80-year-old Xie Jun added, “As I am getting old, typing is very hard for me. Thanks to the teachers for their patience. I prefer online “surfing”, and my fascination with computers is no less than that of the young!”
After the completion of the first computer training class, Zhejiang RTVU will offer other courses to the old as follow-up training services, such as The Twenty-Four Solar Terms and Health Culture, and Cuisine Culture.
By Zhejiang RTVU