On September 9th, Shenzhen Radio and TV University saw the intake of another 6,485 students for this year’s autumn semester. The university indicates that one out of four college students in Shenzhen is engaged in its open education programme.

Moreover, it is placed among one of the best universities in the country in terms of enrollments for the year.

Chen Lurong, a student from Pingshan School, said, “Learning continues to be a necessary part of life for students like me even though we are employed. To this end, the OUC open education serves as a very good channel.” It is found that many new students enrolled together with their parents for this year’s autumn semester, and quite a few students from Hong Kong and Macao have also been attracted and admitted.
At this year’s opening ceremony of Shenzhen Radio and TV University, 530 students were praised and 497 students awarded with various scholarship. It was at the commendation meeting in Shenzhen celebrating Teachers’ Day two days ago that the 78-year-old man, Wu Liangmei, was selected as one of the “Educational Personages Moving Shenzhen” and honoured with the “President’s Special Award”.

By Shenzhen RTVU