The awards ceremony for the second batch of Grass-Roots Level National Model RTVUs (Tutorial Centres) in China was held along with a forum on the development of local radio and TV universities (RTVUs) from the 26th to the 27th of September in Ningbo. A total of 54 radio and TV universities at county level and 34 radio and TV universities at prefecture and city level were awarded the "Grass-Roots Level National Model RTVUs (Tutorial Centre)" plaque.

The aim of the forum was to further display the successful development of radio and TV universities at the grass-roots level, to promote their experience, and to ensure successful follow-up application procedures after the establishment of the model RTVUs.


The Party committee secretary and vice-president of the OUC, Ruan Zhiyong, made a speech at the forum. Mr. Ruan noted that the two awards ceremonies, at the end of 2009 and 2010 respectively, both came at a very important time: 2009 marked the 30th anniversary of radio and TV university system of China as they were entering a new stage of development and standing at a historic crossroads, and this year is an even more valuable opportunity. The National Outline for Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development (2010-2020) has put forward the goal of China developing into a learning society by 2020. Accelerated development of continuing education, the construction of a flexible, open system for lifelong learning, major efforts to develop modern distance education, and sound management of radio and TV university system of China are all important factors in the pursuit of the goal raised by the National Outline.

Mr. Ruan emphasised that the project would see three batches of grass-roots level RTVUs evaluated and awarded. While the standards and evaluation requirements are the same for each batch, in practice, he continued, the evaluation experts were even stricter and more comprehensive in their assessment of the second batch of candidates. The RTVUs at prefecture and city level are important to the whole system. They directly run schools and are responsible for the development of the system, playing a key intermediary role. During the assessment of the second batch of candidates, 34 RTVUs at prefecture and city level were evaluated as grass-roots level model RTVUs.

Of the 88 new universities in this second batch to gain recognition, Mr. Ruan expressed his hope for three things: Firstly, that every grass-roots level RTVUs should work in line with the strategic goals and primary mission of reform and development in continuing education as expressed in the National Conference on Education and the National Outline for Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development (2010-2020), ensuring a broader vision and the scientific planning of the next stage of reform and development of the RTVU system of China. Secondly, that all RTVUs at the grass-roots level should co-operate to maintain the integrity of the RTVU system, do their best to enable the system to grow stronger, and contribute more to the formation of a learning society. Mr. Ruan asserted that the construction of the Open University of China needs such a system more now than ever. This would surely, Mr. Ruan argued, open up new ground for the development of RTVUs, improve their functions and strengthen them at every level. Finally, he expressed his hope that every grass-roots level RTVUs would take advantage of this historic and valuable opportunity to adjust in providing for a better off society and for the needs of a learning society. Grass-roots level RTVUs should pro-actively adapt to the revolution in technology and the development trends of continuing education. As for development, the RTVUs should maintain the principle of open education, further deepen reform, break new ground, and continually raise the teaching capacity of distance education, and improve management and social services, thus contributing more to open education in China.

The former Party committee secretary of the OUC and director of the Reform and Development Advisory Committee, Yu Yunxiu, presented a scholarly report on the development of the RTVU system and grass-roots level open universities. Attending the forum were leaders from 40 provincial RTVUs, people responsible for the systematic construction of the RTVU system, presidents of the second batch of eighty-eight grass-roots level national model RTVUs and presidents of other grass-roots level RTVUs, amounting to nearly two hundred people.


By Yao Wenjian, the OUC