On 17th March 2017, Ningxia RTVU received about 39 international students from Oman, i.e., the first batch of international students enrolled by the university since its foundation, which signifies that the “Belt and Road” initiative positively implemented by Ningxia RTVU has officially started and that the educational standard in Ningxia RTVU is greatly improved. On 20th March, Ningxia RTVU held the opening ceremony for its first batch of international students.

Ningxia RTVU is the first higher vocational institution that has been approved and qualified to enroll international students in Ningxia province. It will receive about 1000 international students from Oman to serve “China Industrial Parks” in Oman. Seven programmes are included: computer, economics, energy, architecture, petrochemical engineering, etc., with a length of two years (on-campus study in the first three semesters and corporate internships in the last semester).

By Ningxia RTVU