Teaching and teaching management work at Xi’an RTVU’s Dananmen Study Centre has now fully entered the new mobile learning era thanks to the use of the latest information technology, such as online enrolment, the promotion of mobile learning, and WeChat-based learner support services.

This change in enrolment methods (the Study Centre set up an online enrolment channel on Baidu Shangqiao) has quickly attracted more young people. It has launched a 24-hour online enrolment inquiry service, receiving an average of over 100 daily inquiries.

The study centre has fully implemented the mobile learning style initiated by Xi’an RTVU, featuring elements such as cell phone micro-classes and the Renwoxue App, in which students can access their online studies anytime and anywhere.

With regard to teaching support services, the study centre has set up three WeChat groups: one is the main learning group providing the latest information about the education field and spreading important information about the RTVUs; the second is the programme course group, offering relevant learning and tutoring materials for students and providing a platform for teacher-student interaction, Q&A, and sharing; the third is the class group, which is used to distribute information concerning teaching, management, and examinations. It also helps to establish a culture of communication between teachers and students, allowing them to exhibit their talents as well as organise online and offline activities.

In addition, the study centre has realised interaction with students via mobile devices, including the ability to pay for tuition fees via WeChat, AliPay or banking transfer etc, saving students from unnecessary errands.

By Yi Lian, Xi’an RTVU