On 30 November, 2018, a nearly month-long series of public lectures in Changchun came to an end.

 “Lectures for All”in Chaoyang District, Changchun.

“Lectures for All”at the Jingyue CITIC Community.

In keeping with the promotion of continuing education by the Ministry of Education, and to encourage community access to university educational resources, Changchun Radio and Television University(Changchun RTVU) selected 13 teachers to give public lectures during Continuing Education Week in 2018.

Volunteer service was introduced to Changtong Street of Nanguan District.

Career Development Course at Changchun City Business Tourism School.

Lecture Visiting the World with Me: Morocco in My Eyes in Chaoyang District.

The event was launched on 30 October, and has lasted for nearly a month, including lectures in the districts of Chaoyang, Nanguan and Erdao; in the Jingyue High-tech Industrial-development Zone; and in Yushu City and Nong'an County. They have benefited nearly 1,000 people, including learners in community schools, residents of community digital-learning centres, community educational staff, young readers, and public servants.

"Tea Culture and Drinking" was a popular lecture

"Basic Decoration" lecture at the Erdao District Government.

A science lecture for kids and their parents at Yanwo library, Yushu County.

The lectures were unanimously praised by learners, giving their audiences a grasp of the latest advances through a variety of approaches, and demonstrating the skills of the teachers at Changchun RTVU.

This lecture series has been an important step in the work of Changchun RTVU toward developing continuing education in Changchun. Since its launch in 2010, 83 lectures have been given. The course resources for the lectures are currently being produced and edited, and once completed will be uploaded to the "Changchun Lectures" page on the Learning for All in Changchun (http://www.ccqmxx.com) platform.

By Zhang Haoran, Changchun RTVU