Gansu Education Department recently released the list of winners of the 2016 Teaching Achievement, Teaching Quality Project and Innovative Entrepreneurship Education Project, in which three teaching outcomes from Gansu RTVU received the Teaching Achievement Prize.

According to the document issued by Gansu Education Department The Notice on Gansu Education Department Implementing Awarding Work for 2016 Higher Education Teaching Achievement (GJGH 2016-19), Gansu RTVU responded by organising its whole faculty to actively participate in the programme. The university’s full-time and part-time faculty altogether claimed eight teaching outcomes. A review meeting by the academic committee was held in late June, which ultimately chose five teaching outcomes to submit for the 2016 Higher Education Teaching Achievement Prize.

After reviewing and selection, Gansu RTVU’s projects Accounting Law & Regulation and Professional Ethics Online Course and WeChat Teaching hosted by Gu Maochun, Reform and Practice of Learner Development Model for CDIO-Based Mobile Internet Application and Development by Chen Xiulan, Construction and Practice of Higher Vocational Education Wind Energy and Power Technology Applied Learner Development System by Wang Xinyou were awarded prizes.

The 2016 Gansu Education Department Higher Education Teaching Achievement Prize aims to inspire enthusiasm and creativity in the faculty and management personnel of higher education institutions in order to positively implement teaching research and education and stimulate continuous improvement in teaching level and learner development quality.

Responsible personnel from Gansu RTVU stated that three teachers were awarded prizes this year, which was an unprecedented breakthrough. The awards will further encourage more teachers to support teaching reform in a positive and voluntary manner as well as promote the cultivation and emergence of teaching outcomes conforming to the education development of open universities.

By Gansu RTVU