On the 16th and 17th of November, 2018, an academic seminar titled "Regional Credit Bank and Continuing Education", co-hosted by Shandong Radio and Television University (Shandong RTVU) and Qingdao RTVU, and sponsored by Beijing Century Chaoxing Group, was held in Qingdao.

The event focused on national policies for the construction of credits banks in relation to continuing education, and their specific connection with open universities and the development of continuing education in Shandong Province.

Xu Wenmou, president of Shandong RTVU, tabled a report on this topic.

Yan Jichang, secretary-general of the National Collaborative Group on Modern Distance Education in Universities, director of the Office of the Network Education Examination Committee of the Ministry of Education, professor at Qinghua University and visiting professor at Shandong RTVU, tabled a report titled Reconstruction of Continuing Education and Innovation in Universities. Yan Xiaoping, executive deputy director of the Learning Outcome Accreditation Centre of the Open University of China (OUC), tabled a report titled Use of Credit Banks in Enabling Professional Growth and Continuing Education. Li Jiang, former vice-president of Guangdong Open University, director of and researcher with the Management Centre of the Credit Bank for Continuing Education in Guangdong, tabled a report titled Qualifications, Credit Banks, and the Development of Continuing Education. Zhang Xuan, director of the Management Centre of the Credit Bank for Continuing Education in Jiangsu, and associate professor at Jiangsu Open University, tabled a report titled Credit Bank Construction for Continuing Education in Jiangsu. Guo Fuqiang, director of the Management Centre of the Credit Bank for Higher Continuing Education in Shanxi, and professor at Shaanxi RTVU, tabled a report titled Promotion and Use of Provincial Credit Banks.

In his speech, Xu Wenmou pointed out that the credit-banking system is not only an important element of continuing education, but also part of the historical mission of open universities. According to him, it is, first, the basis of the reform of Shandong RTVU, of the development of the open-university system as a whole, and of national education. Second, it requires government support, and the construction of a credit bank in Shandong province. Third, the national qualification and accreditation systems should be taken as the basis for strengthening these systems in Shandong in order to enhance the construction of open universities. Fourth, a system should be built in which all colleges, universities and RTVUs recognize each other’s accreditations. He emphasised that RTVUs throughout the province should work hard to establish a continuing-education credit bank in Shandong province in order to strengthen the overall education system there.

Yu Bingwen, a second-level researcher with the Office of Private and Continuing Education, Shandong Department of Education; Li Yeqing, director of the Office of Private and Lifelong Education, Qingdao Education Bureau; Liu Longhai, secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong RTVU; Xu Wenmou, president of Shandong RTVU; Zhang Xike, vice-president of the Party School of Qingdao RTVU; Li Hong, vice-president of Qingdao RTVU; and Li Peijun, vice-president of the Beijing Chaoxing Group, attended the opening ceremony, which was presided over by Xie Minghao, vice-president of Shandong RTVU. 80 people, including Guizhou, Qingdao and Hubei RTVU staff, RTVU leaders and department heads from throughout Shandong province, Shandong RTVU department and college heads, and members of the Shandong RTVU credit-bank-construction teams, participated in the discussions.

By Shandong RTVU