Gansu RTVU recently announced that one of its student, Gao Yu, has been admitted onto the International Chinese Language Education postgraduate programme at Northwest Normal University.

Gao Yu was admitted to Gansu RTVU’s junior college programme in Chinese Language and Literature in March 2013. Gao is extremely diligent and studious, and continued on to an undergraduate programme after he completed the junior college programme within five years and finished all the examinations in the teaching plan. After completing his undergraduate studies, Gao Yu began to prepare for the postgraduate examination in June 2015 and was ultimately admitted onto the postgraduate programme at Northwest Normal University, realising his dream of pursuing further studies. Gao said: “Pursuing academia is not an easy path, but Gansu RTVU has opened the door for me to move on and fulfil my dream.”

A spokesperson from Gansu RTVU said that Gao Yu represents the epitome of Gansu RTVU’s excellent students. Since its foundation, Gansu RTVU has inherited the educational mission of “teaching without distinctions”, and is dedicated to meeting its students needs for diversified and personalised learning. With the aid of multiple channels and means, the university has constructed a smooth, comprehensive educational promotion system for students to directly pursue undergraduate studies after they finish the junior college programme, helping a large number of students to realise their university dreams, as well as developing practical personnel for society.

By Gansu RTVU